MY Gramma

When you think of a Gramma, I feel the general stereotype is a little old lady who knits and sits in a chair all day drinking tea. You visit with her and talk about the weather then go on your way until you visit again in a few months. I have a totally different Gramma then that.

I lived beside my Gramma for 14 years. We ran over whenever we could for visits, swims and when Mom and Dad were at work she babysat my sister and I. Now that I am back in my hometown her and Grampa are literally a 2 minute drive from my house! Myself, My parents and my Grandparents all live on the same street!

So MY Gramma was/is so fun! She used to make us tin can telephones to play with. Zip line picnic baskets to the basement for lunch….speaking of lunch…She makes the best sandwiches. Tuna, salmon and egg salad. I don’t know what it is about them but they’re just so yummy…and comforting! Chicken and dumplings, apple pie, the left over crust from pie that she would make into a special treat, chilli sauce, the list goes on! She has this old adorable puppy cookie jar that even to this day I still go into for a cookie. As awesome as she was when i was a kid….she’s a thousand times cooler with my kids! Ever see an 80 some odd year old woman with two toddlers on their back while she pretends to be a horse? Or chase a one year old around on her hands and knees? Thats MY Gramma.

She takes my boys to sunday school, has watched all four of them until they went to school, at least one day a week. She makes them forts out of boxes and saved all the Styrofoam pieces from the raising up the furniture after a carpet clean to write out the alphabet and numbers to teach the boys their names. She taught them Crokinhole and Uno and she plays Checkers with them as well.

She loves the colour yellow, her birds, her plants, her Daniel O’Donnell tapes and her kids (grand and great grand too) I love stopping in after I drop the boys off at school for a visit while she drinks her morning coffee. I catch her up, she catches me up and I always learn something new about her and/or Grampa! Hours and hours I have sat and heard so many amazing stories of their youth, raising their family and all the things they have done in their lives. She could write a book and I’d buy 10!

Today is her birthday and I am so thankful for her. She is one of the most amazing women I know and hands down the best Gramma/Great Gramma too!

Gramma and I


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