I was recently watching a friends insta-stories when she was asked a question something like “how do you keep positive?” She has a huge following and always gives great ideas and advice on everything from kids, life and business. I always love her stories but this one hit home.

She told us to take the negativity out of our lives. Starting with social media. So I did just that!

I started by deleting all the news sources from my Facebook and Instagram. It was rarely ever local news stories and all of them were depressing. Having kids has made me much more sensitive to anything bad that involves children and weighs heavily on my anxieties.

I then unfollowed anyone on my friends list on all social media platforms that didn’t make me feel good…if someone’s posts constantly annoyed me or upset me they were gone. We all have a few friends on our Facebook who’s posts make us crazy. It may not even be their fault, it just triggers something in you that isn’t positive…they need to go for your own wellbeing. If a company I followed reminded me how much work I wanted to do to my house (that cost money) and gave me anxiety about saving money, they were gone!

I did this a couple of weeks ago and I can honestly say it helps! My news feed is full of things and people I want to see, inspiration, comedy and love… Try it! I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Take the negativity from your life, all that you can and you can’t not lead a better life!



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