Sit back and enjoy the ride, grab your Kleenex and maybe a bucket for the weak stomachs. I want to share with you the story of true love, a love like no other, a soulmate if you will. Let me tell you about a girl named Ashley.

It all started in grade three, approximately 27 years ago. Her name was Ashley, she had long hair…like real long….a Northern Getaway sweatshirt and Umbro shorts. (That was cool back then I swear) We ran in the same crowd and got along real well. Fast forward a few years, high school, then college and beyond. There was a few years here and there when we hung out with different people, different crowds but we always came back to one another. Stronger than ever, if you will.

Here’s the thing. Whenever I describe her to people, tell them she is my best friend they nod and seem unenthused. I feel like they don’t get it, they don’t get us. We’re like BEST friends. Like obsessed with each other in a completely acceptable, non weird way. Well i suppose weird to some…maybe most.

She is the one person in my life I can 1000% be myself around, I tell all my secrets to and she knows what I am thinking before I even think it! (And Vice versa of course) Having someone you completely trust is so reassuring, so uplifting , so…what everyone needs. But let me tell ya, these rare and amazing creatures are hard to find. I cherish my friendship with her, the love she has for my boys (including Nick) and the love and friendship we have for her and Justin is immeasurable.

We share a love of Sex and the City marathons, Mexican food and lazy Saturday nights in bed binge watching tv and eating junk food. We are one in the same, my friend and I.

I have a lot of great and amazing people in my life but only one that gets me as well as her.

Happy birthday to my best friend and soulsista! Xo


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