The Christmas struggle

A year ago I decided to join a Diet bet. I saw it on an instagram story from @ketoincanada and was intrigued! An online gamble to help you lose weight. You sign up, pay the $30 or so then you have 4 weeks to lose 4% of your body weight. With weekly weigh ins to keep you in track. If you win, you split the pot with all the other winners, if not… You lose your money. I’ve been doing them for a year to keep me accountable and it works wonders for someone like me who needs to be accountable. Sounds easy? Sounds fun?

The catch to my very first Diet bet was that it started in December and finished after new years. Which meant I would be essentially ‘dieting’ during the holiday season! This is unheard of. Christmas is the time of year for gluttony…. Right?

There is an unspoken rule that it’s ok to eat all and enjoy your holiday food. After all January 1st is just around the corner! Not that I don’t think you should enjoy all the many amazing foods your family prepares but put it this way…. Some of us have 2,3 maybe even 4 days of Christmas chaos and tables upon tables of delicious food not to be had again until next year! So we eat… And eat and eat. Usually feel full and bloated and tired after consuming all the things.

So what the diet bet did was make me conscious of my food choices. Oh I had pie, and my aunts yummy desserts and all the sides… But only a small amount of each. I knew I was weighing in that week and having that in the back of my mind helped me make better decisions. I didn’t want to lose money!

So here’s the thing. There is always going to be a holiday, an occasion or a reason to eat… Or overeat. If you are a “I’ll start January 1st” kind of person DON’T. Start today! don’t eat all the food, gain the 5 or 10 holiday pounds then spend the next month or more trying to work it off. Start today, get in the mindset and remember there is always going to be food and a reason to eat. It’s not your last supper there is one everyday. Start today.


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