My love

Let me tell you the story of a boy I met in grade 7 with an undercut, baggy jeans and an oversized coat.

We started off as friends, for years. We hung out in the same group and I knew I could always count on him. As the years went on we got closer and ended up dating when we were 18. After a short-lived ‘romance’ we went our separate ways deeming our friendship too important to waste. Friends it is! Best friends! We continued that way for years until one drunken night it dawned on us…ok me…to make a declaration of love at bar of all places. (A shining moment for me) Thankfully he felt the same (that could have sucked if he didn’t)

12 years, 4 moves, 8 vehicles, 2 dogs and 4 kids later…True Love!

I always say having a relationship AND small children is nearly impossible. It’s really hard to juggle the two along with everything else in your world but man if I didn’t have his patience and level head we would be a heck of a spot right now.

I am thankful for him everyday…most days…even when I want to smother him with a pillow for his insane snoring or make him sleep on the couch because he’s been out drinkin with the boys. He is a kind, gentle, hilarious, handy and loving man and our little home would crumble without him, figuratively and literally.


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