Hoarder? Am I a hoarder?

My husband says I’m a hoarder. I believe I am just a keeper of the things! All the things!

I distinctly remember as a child not wanting to get rid of any stuffs because what if they knew I got rid if them? that I just gave them away! That’s probably a deep-rooted problem to talk to a professional about now that I think about it…anyway… back to present day…. we have a garage attached to our house. It’s made for a car but no car has ever been inside of it. It’s full of boxes and totes from years of ‘saving’ important things…like most my kids clothes, art work (term used lightly in some cases) toys, books and furniture that we aren’t using anymore or will use later on. Every once in a while we pack up some of their toys from the toy room and hide it in the garage to make some room. Nick would like the garage emptied, even has work out equipment to use in the space…however I have an irrational fear that I will throw something away and they will ask for it months down the road and I will then become the awful mother that threw out their precious bird made from a plastic cup and some beads. I also have an irrational attachment to their clothes. I can make the argument that we have all boys so we can reuse these clothes as hand me downs! But in all honestly if I look at an outfit and I remember one of the boys wearing it on an occasion…im keeping it!

Tell me I’m not alone?

I have been hearing about this Netflix show with Marie Kondo called Tidying up. I hesitate to watch it for fear I end up throwing out my entire collection of materialistic memories…which I realize is my husbands dream come true but the anxiety of the aftermath could be devastating!