It takes a village

I have always heard the saying “it takes a village” after the first year of having twins and living away from everyone we knew, I never really got it. When we moved ‘home’ I got it…ten fold.

Parents, grandparents and great grandparents hold some amazing places in our children’s lives. Yes babysitting is always an amazing help but it’s the little things, the random pick ups for quality time, Sunday morning church time, stopping in with a little treat from the dollar store, every little thing that they do that they don’t have to, but want to. Nothing makes me happier when they actually ask to visit Granny or Gramma, and I think they feel the same. These roles are so important and maybe never get enough credit but these are unbreakable bonds and memories the boys will have forever.

But then there is the family that does not share the blood but have become so important in the kids’ lives. I had no idea when embarking on this journey that my kids would be so loved by so many people. That there would be people out there that, not out of obligation, would want to spend time with them and love them and want the best for them. My heart bursts for myself and for them to have these connections to people. To help guide them through life…or even just to talk out a problem they may be having. I’m not superwoman and I don’t have all the answers, but I am confident that the boys will always have someone to go to with any problem that arises in life.

What started as a before and after school “babysitter” for Phoenix, Declan and Mason has quickly turned into one of their favourite places to be. I use the term “babysitter” very loosely because we think of them much like family. Erin, who literally changed my own life with her knowledge and power of working out and self-love, is everything I’d hope for for my boys, she is just the right amount of sarcasm, stern, loving and cool that they need. She is the first person they see off the bus and usually gets the earful of drama from the days events. She knows what to do, what to say and I love that they are so comfortable with her to tell her. I am forever thankful for her and her family for opening their doors to my family in all senses of the word.

Mason has Cindy. By has her, I mean he has her wrapped around his baby finger, but in the best way possible! The dynamic between those two is perfection! They are like an old married couple at times and always best friends. This all started as a “babysitting” gig as well, but when Mason started school it just didn’t end. Cindy is family, through marriage, but mostly through love. She spoils him rotten and loves him endlessly and you can’t ask for more than that!

Nixon. We were told about this amazing caregiver in town by friends of ours and just had to get her for Nixon for when I went back to work. As you know, finding good people to watch you kids is hard to find (Although I think we really lucked out) So when Sheila said yes we were thrilled! Little did we know, Nixon and Sheila would form an amazing bond right from the start! I see it in his eyes and hers too that they love each other so much. She is an amazing person and there isn’t a day that goes by that I drop him off or pick him up that I don’t feel complete and utter joy to see how happy they make each other.

Maybe there is some days when I am jealous of these bonds my kids have with others. But in all reality, IT TAKES A VILLAGE, and my village is awesome and loving and perfect! I am so thankful for the positive people in my life and my boys’ lives. Without them I really don’t think I could do it. I am their Mom and I will love them forever and a day but I don’t have all the answers and some days I can’t see the forest for the trees…but I know my kids are loved and are always being guided in the right direction…and that my friends, is worth the world!