Christmas Traditions

I will not lie when I tell you Christmas is not my favourite time of year.

The stress of getting a giant shopping list done in my already busy life, choosing the right gifts, the incessant need to play Christmas music on every radio station starting december 1st and the hundreds of dollars doled out in a small span of time (because I’m a procrastinator.)

Now, there are two things that put me in the mood…

  1. Christmas Eve – Everything is wrapped, kids are in bed, the cookies and milk are set out and the lights on the tree are just a little brighter than the day before. The excitement is at peak level and in a few short hours my boys are going to come bounding down the steps at Granny and Poppa’s eyes wide and giggling!
  2. Family fun day – I’ll never tell her (she will definitely read this) but my Mom plans a family fun day every year to choose her Christmas tree and it’s always a great day. Minus the fact that it is always so cold, she makes sure everyone has so much fun.

    We meet at the tree farm, she makes us wear ridiculous Santa and elf hats, even the men oblige and wear the Christmas garb! We take a million pictures…like a million….the tree choosing, the tree cutting, all the kids trying to use the saw, the families, couples and kids! This year we went to the most amazing place. Sloan’s Tree farm has a million things for the kids to do; a maze, zip lines, train rides, climbers and so much more. My favourite part was the campfires. There is an area blocked off by trees that has a bunch of individual campfires in it. We gathered as a family and cooked hot dogs and marshmallows and tried to keep warm together! It was so awesome and my Mom mom never gets enough credit for her great ideas to bring our family together!

Traditions are important. I know this but I am not always the one to execute them. Thankfully my Momma is allll about the traditions and keeping them alive!

Thanks Momma, we appreciate all that you do…even if you get a little eye roll with it!