My love of a good six pack and hatred of people

I recently ventured to the movie theatre for a movie I knew nothing about, for my Mom’s birthday. A movie we picked solely based on the main character gallivanting around shirtless and muscle-bound. Within the first 5 minutes I realized this was a DC Comic film and having four boys I knew this wasn’t my usual chosen movie. It was action packed and definitely a comic based movie, however, I wasn’t mad about Jason Momoa shirtless with his giant stature, flowing locks and muscles for days! Surprise Mom cameo by Nicole Kidman and a plethora of weird sea creature human things…oh and of course the random sexual tension highlights between the two main characters, who in the end of course finally kiss! Pretty good movie, pretty great muscles and comedic relief from Jason Momoa. I’m not going to watch it again….but I am interested in what other movies this 6’4″ Hawaiian Adonis plays in!

Now here is the┬ápart that I didn’t like, nothing to do with the movie, rather the other people viewing the movie. I haven’t been to the theatre in years, I live in a house of android boxes and Netflix. At home in the comfort of my own room with people I don’t mind cuddling up to! The same is not true of strangers… The theatre that we went to has great big beautiful loungers to sit in, lots of room to stretch out and put your feet up. So why was the woman beside me practically on my lap? Why was her purse on my chair, her elbow on my armrest and her stupid comments about everything in my ears. I missed a big chunk of the movie because I was trying to figure out if I was on a date or not. I was squeezed all the way over to one side of my chair for fear that she would just leap right over and snuggle up with me! You might say I am over dramatic but people need to respect the bubble! “this is my dance space, this is your dance space” Unless we are best friends, I’m married to you, or I gave birth to you, there is no reason to touch my chair or share my air.

I think I’ll stay at home. The public is too much for me and my bubble.