I wanted to share what I had written after my father in law had passed away. He was a great man and loved by many. His death was sudden and tragic and left us with a hole in our hearts. But one thing came out of this harrowing event and it’s that we learned so much about our friends, family and most importantly about ourselves. Life is short, shorter then you can sometimes imagine. Be kind, love one another and don’t take anything for granted.

Written October 29, 2017

“In situations like this you learn so much… If you ever wonder if there’s “a reason for everything” it’s situations like this that answer those questions.
Although these past few weeks have been the hardest our little family has dealt with so far there are a few things that are abundantly more clear for me.

Our kids are smart, kind and perfect little beings. If you ever needed the facts, ask a 6 year old who goes to church. “Grampa Ross is in heaven with Cooper and José. We can’t see him but he can always see us so we just have to talk to him and he will be there.” my children are my heart.

I’ve learned that my husband is probably the strongest, kindest most unselfish person in most likely the world. And I’ve learned that when he let’s his guard down I love him even more.

I’ve been taught… Or maybe reminded that we have the best friends and family in the world. We did not have to ask… There were no questions. Food arrived, babies cuddled, kids fed, alcohol poured, Hugs given, talks had, Prayers answered. Love is everywhere.

One thing I knew… But was thankful to be reminded of was… Ross was kind gentle soul. After all the beautiful words and stories in the past couple weeks it was nice to know that the Ross we knew was the Ross known by everyone. And it warmed my heart to see those exact qualities in all my boys… Especially Nick.

Death is a horrible, heart breaking, gut wrenching thing to go through. It breaks you down or it makes you stronger. But it can also teach you… Or remind you. Life is good, love is greater and to be surrounded by people that make your everyday better makes it that much easier.” ❤️


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