Making a call

Here’s something you may, or may not know about me. I like to talk…I need to talk. and when something happens that I don’t understand…you better believe I’m going to talk it out until I do.

So when I tell you this story it is not to shame or bring to light anyone with mental instability, it is to bring awareness and try to get answers…for myself….which I know is usually difficult.

I was driving to my son’s Dr’s appointment early one morning after dropping the older boys off at school. I was behind a truck driver on a rural road and he was going way too slow for my liking. On top of the overpass he slowed right down to almost a stop and I was annoyed. No blinker no nothing just slow. He pulled over and just as I was about to blow past him, I saw why he pulled over.

There was a woman, staring off at the busy highway. There was what seemed to be a lunch bag at her feet and she had one foot on the railing of the overpass. I kept repeating No no no as I pulled over onto the shoulder of the road, past the bridge and grabbed my phone. Cars drove past me and did not pull over. If I’m being honest, I didn’t want to pull over either but I did. I called 911 and stared into my rearview mirror. She had her other leg over the railing and I looked away. 911 was sending police and ambulance and all I could think about was getting out of there before they came. Selfishly. After all, I had my young child with me, what was I going to do? Right?! Someone else had stopped to help as well so I felt like the woman was in good hands.

I drove to the appointment and nervously drove home. Wondering if the road would be blocked off when I got back there. No one was there. Like it didn’t even happen. No one standing on the side waiting to tell people driving past that she was ok…or not.

I realize this may seem silly, to be shook up from something that almost happened. I mean I didn’t even get out of my car, right? I didn’t know her but i felt sadness for her. Still do. I hope she’s ok and I hope she will now get the help she needs. It’s awful that it can come to that extreme. that a person feels like there is no other option. I hope everyone knows they are loved and that there is always someone to talk to and that ending your life isn’t the answer, It mearly passes the pain onto the ones you leave behind…even if you think there is no one to leave behind…


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