Just five minutes

When I was little my mom bought my sister and I this book called ‘Five minutes peace’ about this elephant family. Every time the Mom went to the washroom her kids would barge in and she would yell just five more minutes!

I never really understood it and quite frankly I feel like I was a tad bit offended by it or at least I felt like I should have been. It stuck with me every time I knocked on the door when my mom was in there I would remember that book I still knocked but it made me think of the book LOL

Now that I am a mom and have kids of my own I 1000% get the book. They won’t talk to me for hours and then the second I get into the shower and leathering up my shampoo The Knocks start coming. I have to go pee, I have to go poo, I need to get dressed, what’s this? can I have that? And all I want is five more minutes!

So I will publicly apologize to my mother for always knocking on the bathroom door at the most inopportune times… Because I know now how crazy that made her ….because I know how crazy it makes me!



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