Putting it all out there

Im not a #fitmom, I don’t claim to be perfect and eat perfect and working out is not my life. However, I have worked my butt off this past eight months and I thought I’d share with you my experience!

When I was still pregnant I was messaging Erin Ellison at E3 Fitness about daytime classes for after I had Nixon. She offered night classes but i knew it would be hard to get away once the kids were home from school. There wasn’t much interest from others so we waited to see. I had started the Keto diet in September and finally come October there was enough interest for a class. There was only a few of us in the beginning but we showed up Tuesdays and Thursdays and kicked butt! It was hard. so hard. I had zero core, extra weight on me and I had a small baby….who I was so fortunate enough to bring with me for my hour-long classes. He just sat there watching everyone like a little angel. If he got fussy Erin would rock his car seat or pick him up and carry him around.

In time I felt stronger, I was able to do things better, or do them period! I remember my first sit up, the first time I could actually do four burpees in a row and when I could do a whole set without stopping. In February I added an extra day, so I was up to three times a week and if I missed a day I made damn sure I made it up with another class.

I’m not saying it was sunshine and rainbows because it certainly wasn’t. There were many days I wanted to stay in bed, make up an excuse not to go, but Erin would be messaging me asking where I was. Even if I went to class and was dragging my butt she would nicely/sometimes not so nicely make me put my all into it. I need that. I didn’t need someone to pump my tires or tell me to take a break I needed a “faster!” “knees up!” “stop talking!” I’m making Erin sound like a drill sergeant lol She isn’t (not really) E3 Fitness is like a community of amazing woman at all stages of their fitness journey. There is Wonder Woman on the walls, an inspiration board with our personal pictures on it and so many amazing, inspiring and motivating women that are apart of it. Working out sucks but when you have such a positive environment to do it in, you can’t lose!

This is my before and after, one year apart. Takes a lot to post this but I feel like I have worked really hard to get here and want to share in hopes of inspiring… anyone. I don’t plan on stopping either, I’m continuing with two to three classes per week once I’m back at work and Im loving Keto. It might not be for everyone and maybe not be a ‘healthy’ diet but it works for me and that’s all that matters right?


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