A picture is worth a thousand words

When I was younger I hated to have my picture taken. No surprise there. I don’t know too many kids who love it. That was back in the day of posed pictures, matching outfits and heaven for bid take a picture of something without having a person in the pic as well. My most memorable family pic is the four of us in windbreakers. Neon colours, poofy bangs and a perfectly arranged foursome, I believe my parents were wearing Rusty Wallace windbreakers…I remember traipsing out to a bush, in the fall, as soon as the leaves turned colour. I remember mom setting up the tripod and after what seemed like for ever….she was pleased (enough) with the shot.

Looking back, I wish i smiled more for pics, didn’t complain when mom brought out the camera but i didn’t know that I would even care!

There has been a camera (cell phone) in my kids’ faces since they were born. If it wasn’t me it was my mom. I have heard many of people tell me to live through real life, not the lens of a camera but I do both! I literally caught my niece standing by herself in a pic the other day! An amazing moment caught thanks to someone who wants to document her life and the life of her family. I want my kids to be able to look back on these special moments, the days I let them pick out their own clothes and Decky picked underwear and a tie, when my three older boys came to the hospital wearing their ‘big brother’ t-shirts to meet Nixon, even the not so fun times when Phoenix got his first stitches…or when Mason got his first stitches lol I love cathing the moments when my boys are with my Gramma and Grampa. Pure joy on all their faces. I usually take the pictures without them knowing which to me means more because they arent posed or forced.

I always wanted to be the Mom that wrote everything down…but instead I am the mom (like my mom) that documents everything through pictures! We have a million family pics. Every time we get together it seems, I know it used to bug Nick but he’s a pro now and so are the kids! We have a million moments to look back on fondly instead of the mandatory once a year family picture time, perfectly posed and coordinated.

Nothing makes me happier (and sad) to look back on pics of my boys… from 2011 to 2014 seems like a blur with twins then 21 months later, three in diapers…so pictures help!

“A photograph is the pause button of life”


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