Decluttering stuffies!

My house is kind of like organized chaos. A series of boxes, bins and shelves doing their best to hid the insane amount of stuff we have as a family of 6 in a slightly small dwelling.

My newest most exciting item is brought to you by the insane marketing team of Facebook. They must just know…big brother is strong in this house I guess. I kept seeing this beanbag toy storage thing.

The link to this bag is If it is still out of stock, this one in the large size is comparable

It popped up on every social media app I had! I finally bought it from Amazon! (which doesn’t make those annoying posts go away by the way) 

This excited me to no end! The piles and piles of stuffies I’ve been trying to hide for years finally can go away, be hidden AND be useful as a chair! A parent thought of this, I just know it!


Say goodbye to stuffy clutter in their too small boxes and hello to new and stylish bean bag toy storage!


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